Taco Tuesday at the Meacham Store & Deli

Twenty-six club members including several families attended the club’s April activity on April 7: this month going to the Meacham Store & Deli for a tacos. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to take the old two-lane highway between Spring Creek and Meacham and several deer and a UPS driver enjoyed watching the parade of classic cars as we passed.

Mary & Jim are recruiting a new member – go for it!!!

Jack is wondering where his food is and Beverly & George are thinking, “Don’t bother me”!

Arlan, Tana, Dave & Ed are posing for the camera – aren’t they cute!!!!
John, Virginia, Sheralyn & Wayne are patiently waiting for their food – they look hungry!!!
Cindy & Jerry have the added pleasure of sparing the meal with Nick, Lucy’s son!
Lucy’s children are helping her decide on what to order and Jack is saying “I’ve ordered”!
Now Lucy has to decide what to eat.  No Jack you can’t change your mind!!
Matt is thinking, “When is it my turn to order?”
John & Janis and their grandchildren are waiting for their food to arrive!  Hurry!!!!