On a beautiful but cool morning, 18 of our club members had lunch at the Rimrock Café located 27 miles north of Enterprise, OR.  We had a little contest on the way up to the restaurant, for $1 folks bought a sticker or more and placed them anywhere on the front of their car.  Whoever got a bug closest to the center of the sticker, won the money.  Ironically,  when we got to the restaurant, no one had a bug on their sticker, but when we came out one had landed dead center on John & Virginia Lackey’s sticker.  Upon closer observation, it was discover that a 2nd prize went to Dave & Tana McClay because a bug had hit their sticker but didn’t stick.  The 3rd prize went to Ed & Dixie Lund who had a bug 2″ from their sticker and the 4th winner was Arlan & Mary Ann Miesner who landed a bug about 3″ from their sticker.


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