On October 11, club members were asked to drive EOU dignitaries in the EOU Homecoming Parade in their beautiful classic cars.

September Club Activities

Ten club members displayed their classic car for the last time this season on September 14 at the Bi-Mart Car Show in La Grande.

Hought’s 24 Flavor night

Our club’s Friday night cruise-in for September 6 was to Hought’s 24 Flavor in La Grande.  Sixteen members came to dinner:  John & Virginia, Jerry & Cindy, Ed & Dixie, Jim & Sally, Steve & Kathy, Don & Nita, Arlan & Mary Ann, Jack, and Daniel.  Some left before the pictures were taken.

Club Activities in August

On Friday, August 20, 16 club members decided to cruise to the Summerville Tavern for dinner. Food was great and the peanut were flying around between people!!!  Some of us never grow up!!!