August & September Activities

On September 17, Arlan & Mary Ann won a Sponsors Trophy at Power in the Park at Kennewick, WA. In August several club members attended the Grassroots festival in Union, OR and I am sure several of our members received trophies at this show but they failed to announce their winnings so that is why the pictures are not posted. Both Richard & Debbie and Steve & Karen won awards at the Memory Cruise in Baker City.

SEPTEMBER 20 – Eight of our club members: Ed, Mel, Jerry M, Don, Steve, Jerry & Cindy and Arlan & Mary Ann took a short cruise around the valley and had lunch at the new Brickyard Lanes.

Cars Shows attended in July

There were several car shows happening around our area today. Hermiston’s Cool Rides Car Show and Athena’s car show at the Caledonian Games. Jim & Sally Coxen, Jerry Foster, and Arlan & Mary Ann Miesner went to Hermiston while Steve Oliver and Richard & Debby Comstock went to Athena. Arlan was a lucky winner in Hermiston capturing the 2nd Place trophy for the 1950 to 59 Modified class and also winning a two-piece toolbox on rollers from the raffle. Steve was lucky winner in Athena by being the oldest participant by five months!!!!


On June 18 eight of our club members attended the annual Riverfest Car Show held in Elgin, OR. Three of them received a trophy: Jerry M for the Best 1960 class, Arlan for the Best 1950 class, and Ed for Best Paint.

Eastern Oregon University Homecoming Parade – Oct 8

Our club annually provides our classic cars to transport the dignitaries for the Eastern Oregon University’s Homecoming Parade. Ten of our club members and one potential member drove their classics in the parade.

On Saturday, Oct 9, M.J. Goss Motors along with six other businesses sponsored a EOU Homecoming Block Party following the football game. Part of the party was a mini car show with the Timber Cruiser’s Car Club. All of the cars that were part of the parade with the exception of Daniel, Matt, and Kenny (potential member) brought their classics to the block party along with several otherl club members.

Several other classic cars were also on display.