2024 – Car Shows & Other Activities

July 13 – Hermiston Car Show – Four of our members, Richard, Arlan, John and Steve, braved the 103-degree heat and traveled to join the car show. All four them came home winners. Rchard, Arlan and John won a 3rd place trophy and Steve won a 2nd place trophy. Good job guys!!!

June 29 – Ace Hardware Store Mini car show & BBQ – Eleven of our club members brought their classic cars to the event, and they were: John & Deb, Debbie, Jason, Alan & Kathy, Alan & Paula, Arlan, Richard, Gary & Jan, Jeremy, Jim & Sally, and Don. The food was good and the temperature was great. Only some of the cars are in the photos below.

June 22 – Umatilla Landing Days – Richard & Debby, Steve & Karen and Arlan & Mary Ann attended the Umatilla Landing Days Car Show. Even though the trophies were awesome, none of them walked away as a winner, unless you count the raffle item that Steve won. The weather was very hot and 98 degrees is HOT, but we had a good time anyway.

June 16 – Settlers Retirement Residence in Baker City – Several of our members took their classic cars to help celebrate Father’s Day with the residence. There was a BBQ and live music – nice way to spend Father’s Day. Those who went were: Richard Comstock, Jim & Sally Coxen, Jaron Simmons, James & Amanda Rayburn.

June 15 – Elgin’s Riverfest Car Show – Our car club really supports the Elgin’s Riverside Car Show. Our member who attended are Richard & Debby, Arlan, Matt, Gary & Jan, Jim & Sally, Jerry, Rick, Debbie, Jason and Daniel. Unfortunately, only Richard, Matt, Daniel, Arlan and Jan won awards.

May 30 – Dinner at Meacham, OR – This wasn’t a car show; however, 8 of our members drove their classic cars to Meacham for dinner: Richard & Debbie, Ed H, Steve & Karen, Doug & Diane, and Jim.

May 26 -Pacific NW Mustang 42nd Spring Show & Shine – Arlan & Mary Ann attended this show in Kennewick, WA. They won “1959 & Older Stock Non-Fords”

May 19 – Waitburg Car Show – Steve & Kathy and Arlan & Mary Ann went to the Waitsburg car show instead. They both tied for the same award which was “No Award”!!!!

May 19 – Ione Car Show – Some of our members went to the Ione Car Show and they were: John & Deb, Richard & Debby, Jim & Sally, and Gary. Congratulation to Richard & Debby won the “Best of Show” for their 1940 Ford Coupe – Congratulations!!

April 25 – Caldwell Car Show – Steve & Karen, Allen, and Arlan & Mary Ann attended the Heap Herdders Car Show in Caldwell. The wind was blowing, and it was a little chilly, however, we had a great time. Allen and Steve & Karen were both lucky to win a sponsor’s trophy and Arlan & MaryAnn just had long faces!!!

April 20 – Stanfield Car Show – Steve E, Steve O, Allen, Richard & Debby, Jim & Sally and Arlan & MaryAnn cruised over to Stanfield to attend the show. Since this show is put on by the Hermiston Car Club, there were no awards given; however, Richard & Debby once again came away with two bottles of wine from the raffle.

March 16 – Hepner, OR – Five club members decided to take advantage of one of nicest day of 2024 and attend their first car show of the season in Heppner, OR . Those who attended were Steve O, Steve & Karen, Jerry, Allen, Arlan & Mary Ann. Unfortunately, only two cars won an award: Allen and Arlan & Mary Ann