In 2006 a group of car enthusiasts decided to start a classic car club, Union County Timber Cruisers Car Club.  In 2018 we decided to revise our club logo and club name to  “Timber Cruisers Car Club”.  Our members enjoy driving their unique vehicles and going on special trips to car museums, car related displays, or even just for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  During the summer months you will find us on Friday nights at either Pioneer Park or other gathering places where we enjoy an evening of food, camaraderie, and solving world problems plus unraveling the mysteries of car troubles.

La Grande Classic Car Show

JULY 16-18, 2021


Please mark your calendar for July 16-18 for the 2021 La Grande Classic Car Show.  We look forward to seeing you next year and in meantime please stay healthy and safe!


Mini-Car Show at M.J. Goss Motors

On October 1, our club was invited to organize a very mini car show at the unveiling of the 2021 cars at M. J. Goss Motors.  There were 18-20 GM’s car enthusiast who displayed their cars.  Of that number, seven of the cars were our club members and two prospective members.  Members were:  Mel Towne, Jim Dixon, Alan Fong, Richard Comstock, Stan Williams, Debbie Rife and Arlan Miesner. 


On Friday, September 11, nine of our club members drove their classic cars to the Summerville Store & Tavern for a mini-car show.  Several other car enthusiast stopped by for a look and a chat.  Following the show, we had dinner in the tavern.  A lot of great conversations and story telling happened during our wait for our dinners.


Mini Car Show

Our club was invited to hold a really mini car show at The Other Guys car lot on Saturday, July 18.  Only 9 of our members were able to bring their classic car’s down.  Members lined up in the shade:  Kathy, Steve, Richard, Sally, Jim Cindy, Margarette, Paula and Alan.  Arlan and Jerry choose to stay under a canopy by the cars.  Mary Ann wondered around taking these pictures.

BBQ Social

Since Covid-19 hit our community, our car club hasn’t had much of an opportunity to gather. On Saturday, July 11; however, we decided to have an outdoor barbeque so we could get together again while we maintain our social distancing.  We had a good turn out of our members.  Following a delicious dinner at Margaretta’s we did a short cruise through our neighboring towns of Summerville, Elgin, Imbler and Island City.  A great time to renew our friendships.

Kathy, Steve, Jerry & Cindy
Ed, Dixie, Richard, Debby, John, Dave, Tana and Arlan
Several of the members decided their classic cars needed to get out and go somewhere!