In 2006 a group of car enthusiasts decided to start a classic car club, Union County Timber Cruisers Car Club.  In 2018 we decided to revise our club logo and club name to  “Timber Cruisers Car Club”.  Our members enjoy driving their unique vehicles and going on special trips to car museums, car related displays, or even just for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  During the summer months you will find us on Friday nights at either Pioneer Park or other gathering places where we enjoy an evening of food, camaraderie, and solving world problems plus unraveling the mysteries of car troubles.

Mark your calendars for the 2022
July 15-17
Registration and flyer available in February


Eastern Oregon University Homecoming Parade – Oct 8

Our club annually provides our classic cars to transport the dignitaries for the Eastern Oregon University’s Homecoming Parade. Ten of our club members and one potential member drove their classics in the parade.

On Saturday, Oct 9, M.J. Goss Motors along with six other businesses sponsored a EOU Homecoming Block Party following the football game. Part of the party was a mini car show with the Timber Cruiser’s Car Club. All of the cars that were part of the parade with the exception of Daniel, Matt, and Kenny (potential member) brought their classics to the block party along with several otherl club members.

Several other classic cars were also on display.


On Saturday, June 19, ten of our club member attended the Riverfest Car Show in Elgin, OR. Congratulations to six of our members who received awards. Even though some of us never received an awards or a raffle item, we all had a great time.

Holiday Decoration/Lighting Guided Caravan

On Saturday, December 19, several members of our car club decided to take part in the Holiday Decoration/Lighting Guided Caravan event sponsored by La Grande Main Street Downtown and Union County Chamber of Commerce.

These two cars belong to our club’s newest members: Doug & Diane Dalton
The Volkswagen won the 2nd prize in the best decorated car and the T-Bird won the 3rd prize in the best decorated car. Congratulations!!!

The others club members who brought their cars are Daniel, Jerry & Cindy and Arlan & Mary Ann/


Mini-Car Show at M.J. Goss Motors

On October 1, our club was invited to organize a very mini car show at the unveiling of the 2021 cars at M. J. Goss Motors.  There were 18-20 GM’s car enthusiast who displayed their cars.  Of that number, seven of the cars were our club members and two prospective members.  Members were:  Mel Towne, Jim Dixon, Alan Fong, Richard Comstock, Stan Williams, Debbie Rife and Arlan Miesner.