5th Annual Main Street Show in Shine in Enterprise, OR

Two of our club members braved the chip sealing on the highway between La Gande and Enterprise, Saturday, August 18.  They reached their destination without any additional chips in their paint; however, only of them earn a coveted trophies.

Matt’s 1947 Dodge Power Wagon with
Teardrop trailer
Won People’s Choice Award and Kid’s Choice Award

Arlan’s 1959 Chevy Bela

Grassroot Festival

Seven of our club members attended the 2018 Grassroots Festival and Remember When Car Show in Union, OR, on Saturday, August 11.  Five of our members received a trophy.


Each trophy was sponsored

by a different local business.

Stan’s 1968 Camero
won two trophies.

Steve’s 1965 Thunderbird
Received a trophy

Kathy’s 1972 Volkswag Bug
Received a trophy

Richard & Debbie’s 1950 Ford Custom Coupe
Received a trophy

Arlan & Mary Ann’s 1959 Chevy Belair
Received a trophy
Alan & Paul’s 1977 Chevy Nova
Jerry & Cindy’s 2014 Mustang

Union County Fair Parade

Six of our members represented the club in the annual Union County Fair Parade on Friday, August 3.

The club 2nd place in the Car Club’s category.


Arlan & Mary Ann
1959 Chev Belair

Alan & Paula
1977 Nova

Jerry & Cindy
2014 Mustang GT

Ed & Dixie
1956 Chevy PU
Mel & Sue
1955 Chevy PU
1947 Dodge Power Wagon

4th of July Parade in Imbler, OR

Several of our club members and members of the Rusty Wheels car club gathered to drive in the Annual 4th of July Parade in Imbler, OR.

Matt’s Old Blue 1947 Powerwagon

Sheralyn & Matt talking by her 1974 AMC Javelin

Arlan & Mary Ann”s 1959 Chevy Belair and Rusty
Rusty Wheels car club cars

In front of Matt, there is Jerry & Cindy’s 2014
Mustang,  Up front is Kathy’s 1972 VW Bug and
more Rusty Wheels car club’s classics.
Rusty Wheels car club’s members lined and ready
to go!!
More of Rusty Wheel members!