Elgin Riverfest Car Show

On Saturday, June 18, as a prelude o Father’s Day, eleven car club members attended the Lion’s Club Riverfest Car Show.  One of our members, Steve & Kathy Oliver were the main organizers of this annual event.  Five of our club members were lucky trophy winners, some of us losers just won raffle prizes and then some of us didn’t win anything; however, we all had a wonderful time basking in the warm sunshine (it’s been a while since we had such a nice day).


Debra Rife
1963 Thunderbird

Ed Lund
1966 Chevelle

Alan & Paula Fong
1977 Nova
Michael & Katrina McIntosh
1966 Volkswagen Beatle Rat Rod

David Reed
1982 Chevy PU

Overview of our cars


Geiser Grand Hotel and Brewery tour

On Saturday, March 25, a group of our club member took a tour of the historic Baker City’s Geiser Grand Hotel.  Looks like they enjoy the ghost tour of the hotel before lunch and also seeing how the beer is made at the local brewery.

Annual Post-Christmas Party

On January 7 we had our annual Post-Christmas party.  Due to the snowy and very windy weather conditions only about 20 members were able to attend.  Although our numbers were low, we had a wonderful potluck dinner with the ham being prepared by Paula and Alan Fong.  Once again a lot of laughter accompanied the extra of white elephant gifts.

The dessert table is always a popular place
especially for Larry, Arlan, and Alan.
The women aren’t usually far behind as noted by
Virginia and Paula.
Not knowing what is inside the box is always fun!
Jerry doesn’t look to excited to get this cute little
furry thing!!!
Matt better head for the dessert table if he
ever expects to wear those undies!!
John is trying to figure out “What in the heck is it”!
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