In 2006 a group of car enthusiasts decided to start a classic car club which was the start of the Union County Timber Cruisers Car Club.  Our members enjoy driving their unique vehicles and going on special trips for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  During the summer months you will find us on Friday nights at The Gas Station (Texaco on Adams) where we enjoy an evening of food, camaraderie, and solving world problems plus unraveling the mysteries of car troubles.

JULY 14-16, 2017
Baxter Auto Parts
M.J. Goss Motors
La Grande Gold & Silver
The Market Place
Les Schwab Tire Center (new for 2017)


Thanks to Laurence’s Auto Body & Paint for their past sponsorship and support


Brian Kitto’s winnings

Over the course of the summer somehow the car show winnings for Brian were overlooked.

Oregon Mountain Cruise in Joseph, OR on June 11

cam00048-joseph-2016 cam00045-joseph-20163rd place for 1931 Ford Coupe

Power River Correctional Facility in Baker City, OR on June 22

prcf-2016-car-show-1st-place-56-belair prcf-2016-car-show-1st-place-56-belair-2

1st Place for 1956 Bel-Air

2nd Place for the 1931 Ford Coupe


Huckleberry Festival in North Powder, OR on July 30 – won Remarkable Rod for the 1956 Bel-Air
Union County Grass Roots in Union, OR  on August 13 – won for both cars

Snake River Car Show in Huntington, OR on September 3 – won Mayor’s Choice for 1956 Bel-Air


On a beautiful but cool morning, 18 of our club members had lunch at the Rimrock Café located 27 miles north of Enterprise, OR.  We had a little contest on the way up to the restaurant, for $1 folks bought a sticker or more and placed them anywhere on the front of their car.  Whoever got a bug closest to the center of the sticker, won the money.  Ironically,  when we got to the restaurant, no one had a bug on their sticker, but when we came out one had landed dead center on John & Virginia Lackey’s sticker.  Upon closer observation, it was discover that a 2nd prize went to Dave & Tana McClay because a bug had hit their sticker but didn’t stick.  The 3rd prize went to Ed & Dixie Lund who had a bug 2″ from their sticker and the 4th winner was Arlan & Mary Ann Miesner who landed a bug about 3″ from their sticker.


group group1 group2
group3 group5 group4

Grassroots Festival and Car Show

Nine club members attended the Grassroots Festival and Car Show in Union, Or on Saturday, August 10.  Five of the members were lucky to be recognized by local merchants as having a special car.

IMG_20160813_145506Ed & Dixie Lund
1955 Chevy

Dave Reed
1982 GMC Pickup with side step

Arlan & Mary AnnArlan & Mary Ann Miesner
1959 Chevy Belair

JerryJerry Foster
2014 Mustang GT

MelMel Towne
1955 Chevy

Pictures of some of the club’s members that attended the show

cars3 cars2\ cars
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